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Rhythm Dhol Bass has come a long way in becoming one of the leading South Asian Producers, Musicians, Singers and Entertainers in the world. Originally, founded by a group of three Punjabi Sikh brothers Kuly, Manj and Surj in 2001 and were introduced to music at a young age by their father who taught them to sing religious songs and play the harmonium in their Gurdwara (Temple).

Rhythm Dhol Bass

Surj RDB - Singer, Song Writer, Composer

The Initial founder of the group RDB hailing from the streets of Bradford, UK. SurjRDB along with his brothers in 2001 had set up a new age genre of music that would forever change the music industry. Now heading the group's continuing success to new folds, SurjRDB promises to bring his fans and new audiences, signature sounds of RDB along with foot stomping hits and mind blowing live stage performances across the globe.

Jes K - Singer

Jes is the latest female sensation to be added to the group. Offering a unique fresh glamour look and new style vocals. Originally tagged as the go-to-girl for fashion and beauty tips, Jes has been working in the Glamour industry for over 3 years offering a new age, professional consultancy for top end clients across the world including socialites, actresses and actors.Hailing form the UK, she now ventures into the world of entertainment and singing and hopes to bring her new fans a blend of Hindi and Punjabi songs that listeners will appreciate and rock too.

Karan - Drummer

Representing Rhythm Dhol Bass from Dubai and the Middle East, Karan is businessman by day and a drummer by night. He founded an event management company at a tender age of 19, hosting and promoting acts from UK, US and India. He was the first promoter that introduced and showcased RDB in the region. His talent on the drums was discovered by SURJ. Ever since, he's been smashing drum beats on stage with SurjRDB and touring with the group.

Nee2 - International Dhol Champion

Neetu’s (AKA Nee2) connection to music was as evidently clear to his friend and family around him when he first picked up a daga and tilli (Dhol sticks) at the age of 16. Since then his love for playing the enigmatic instrument had ruled a vast part of his life, imbedding the cultural and social influences of the Dhol His innate respect for the forefathers of Bhangra and his pride to be a Panjabi have helped him to evolve his skills and abilities for over 15 years. But nevertheless still keeping the traditional beats and rhythms that is the very core of his musical beliefs. Some experiences to date have included performing with various artists around the world from Hong Kong to Pakistan to India to New York with bringing each show something different and more electrifying and satisfying than the last. His relationship with RDB was formed in 2001. Being one of the original members of the group, Nee2 had played a valuable role in the groups dynamics and set up which to date still plays with late night studio session and recordings of all Indian percussion including Table, Dholki and of course the Dhol. for the groups album/ single releases. Know to all as the International Dhol Champaign Nee2 continues to rock all stages!

NS Chauhan - Singer, Song Writer

NS Chauhan is the man behind some of the biggest releases to this date. His unique distinctive lyrical talent has been place on hits like “We Don it BIG” and “Daddy Da Cash” feat T-Pain to name a few In a career that has spanned almost a decade to date, Chauhan's ability to combine traditional Punjabi lyrics and with his instantly recognizable vocal style, has endeared him to Bhangra music lovers worldwide. Originating from India, his natural music ability is full of tradition and culture, but having moved to the UK after the age of 10 he has now adapted and embraced the western styles from which he has created his own individual musical talent. With these skills, along with his knowledge of music is nominated him for “Best Non Indian Newcomer” at the ETC Punjbai music awards in 2006. After teaming up with RDB and his mentoring guru the late Kuly Ral from RDB, NS Chauhan was instantly signed buy SurjRDB to their worldwide Record Label Three Records. He now plays an active role of the group performing and writing for their fans across the world

Pips - DJ/MC, Tour Manager

Born and raised in the heart of the multicultural city of Bradford, Pips Chahal, originally known as MCP, was one of the initial members of the RDB group when established in 2001. Fine tuning his composing and lyrical MC talents over time with the former giant record label Untouchables Records lead him to collaborate with some of the heavy hitters in the Uk Bhangra industry such like Bally Sagoo, RDB, Gubi Sandhu, Mesopuria and many more. Committing his dedicated time and knowledge of the music entertainment scene for over 13 years, bringing his expertise in managing the groups roadshow and tours, Pips had become an essential part of the RDB team bringing them a large portion of their international shows to date. With his strive to continue on the legacy of the founder of RDB the late Kuly Ral, Pips expands his expertise and joins the group as its DJ/MC on stage, hyping and rocking all crowds across the world including South Asia, North America, Europe and more.


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